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Today, Jeff supports a wide variety of efforts, from system design, best practices development and implementation, custom solution design and development, solution and process analysis and in-depth problem resolution.  

On his own time, Jeff provides consulting services to small businesses who don’t have, and usually can’t afford, full time Information Technology staff.  He understanding that Cyber security threats affect large and small businesses alike, and can impact a person’s livelihood.

His services include network wiring, Wi-Fi setup (including Captive Portal Guest access like hotels have), network based malware blocking, content filtering, and custom IT solutions development and support.

From day spa, photographers, and artists studio complexes, Jeff has worked a wide range of businesses; thus giving him a unique perspective that a one size fits all solution toolkit does not work for everyone.

If you are interested working with, having a consultation, or possibly hiring, please contact him by clicking on the mail icon below.



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